Lock Rekey Service

You'll usually want to rekey the locks to your home, office or car if there is a break-in, theft or act of vandalism.

You may also wish to rekey your locks if you lose your keys, if you feel that too many others have copies of your keys or if you want the convenience of being able to lock and unlock your house's front and back doors with the same key.

You can call us anytime to rekey your locks or you can do it yourself.

Benefits of Rekeying a Lock

Many times, individuals will call a locksmith technician or company to change or rekey their locks for various reasons. In order to make the right decision, it is important to understand the difference between lock rekey and changing locks.

Lock change involves installation of a new lock while lock rekey occurs when you need to fix the tumblers and mechanisms of the pre-existing lock. With a lock rekey, instead of changing the entire lock, the locksmith simply changes the key to your lock and then resets the lock mechanism.

Most people will want to just change the lock altogether if it breaks down rather than fix it. However, actually keeping the lock and fixing it reaps several rewards.

First, you get to keep the style and size of the original lock. Second, getting the lock fixed may actually save you more money rather than tossing it. Compare getting the lock rekeyed at $40 as opposed to discarding it and getting a new lock such as a Smart Lock that goes anywhere from $15 to $150 these days. So if you’re living in a new home and want good quality, you may benefit from Rekeying Services Las Vegas.