Car Key Extraction

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Car Key Extraction

Car Key Extraction | King Key Locksmith

That’s great, but not everybody drives a car which uses fobs or transponders. A lot of us have old fashioned car keys, and what happens if the key breaks off in the lock? Truth is, car keys breaking in locks is actually pretty common. Like anything else, if it’s used frequently over an extended time period, it will eventually wear down and break.

Car keys also break due to extreme changes in the weather, particularly during winter. Bear in mind that when metal is subjected to cold, it begins to contract. That is why unlocking or starting a vehicle in winter can be tough, because it feels like the key is “sticking.” Keys also break due to owners putting too much pressure upon it, and debris getting stuck in the lock.

In cases like that, who you goanna telephone? You call Auto Locksmith Las Vegas, and our mobile locksmith service may arrive to help you 24/6. We service clients in and around Las Vegas it or not, but it’s normally a fast and straightforward process to get a professional to extract a broken key from a lock or ignition. Rather than stressing over the issue, contact us by phone or online now!

This can be a bad idea. Through the years, we have heard stories about drivers using screwdrivers, nail files, tweezers, and even other keys in an effort to get the key out. Needless to say, plenty of those cases have contributed to additional damage. At Auto Locksmith Las Vegas, our technicians are well-versed when it comes to extracting damaged and broken ignition keys. Using specialist tools, our technicians carefully remove the damaged key, ensuring there is no damage to the ignition itself. Our ignition key extraction service is available round the clock throughout Las Vegas and other nearby areas.

When experiencing a broken car key, your first choice should be to contact a licensed locksmith. Be aware that broken car key extraction is a specialized skill that not all locksmiths possess, so it would make sense to confirm that before hiring on your locksmith.

Unless you have the patience and skills to undertake this relatively delicate operation, extracting a broken car key is best left to skilled hands. Your attempt to save money may only end up costing you more money.



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Morgan H.

“JOEY you are amazing!!!!! I told Joey I was down the street ready to meet him at my car when he told me he was already there working on my locks! Had it all done by the time I drove up!! You are better than the BEST joey!”

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William F.

“Joey and Shane were both very professional and quick. Called the same day and they came through to make a key for my wife’s vehicle on the spot! Got it all done within 30mins! Definitely would recommend and work with again!”

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Pan W.

“Joey is a life saver he made me a key to my 2015 Lincoln Mkc the best price I could find came fast and a very nice friendly guy if you need a locksmith king key is the way to go I will get another key from him”

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Car Key Extraction
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